Our Story

We started CQC Compliance because we’ve been where you are. We know what it feels like to go the extra mile every single day and we understand the sense of duty that comes with running any kind of healthcare service.

We know that no-one sets out to be ‘Inadequate’ or ‘Requires Improvement’ and that every provider strives to be an ‘Outstanding’ service. Our team are here to help you achieve that ambition, starting at the very beginning of your journey.

At CQC Compliance, we specialise in ensuring your registration with the CQC is successful – but we understand that this process is only the start of your compliance journey. Our ongoing support covers a wide-ranging suite of services, which are tailored to the exact needs of your service.

If you are an existing provider that has had a difficult CQC inspection – we are on-hand to help identify and resolve any issues your service may be having. We do not believe in quick fixes – but we do believe in collaboration, dedication and lasting solutions that ensure compliance excellence in the short-term, and in the future.

Our senior management team is comprised of former CQC and Ofsted inspectors, CQC registration managers, an NHS Governance Director and expert CQC policy writers. Collectively, we have decades of experience in helping to transform new and existing providers – guiding them to an ‘Outstanding’ level of service.

What makes us different?
Why use CQC Compliance?
Successful CQC Registrations
CQC Compliance Ltd are here to take the pain out of the registration process. We pride ourselves on the fact that we support all healthcare providers, whether you are an established organisation or a provider just starting up – we are here to help
Bespoke Policies and Procedures
With our extensive knowledge across the healthcare sector, we ensure our policies, procedures and template documents are compliant with the CQC Regulatory Framework. In addition, we make sure that they are easy to understand and enable you to deliver your services in the most efficient way possible.
Ongoing Compliance Support
A successful registration is a great first step in exceeding as a compliant healthcare provider, but it is only the start of your journey. Our team provide ongoing support including mock inspections, telephone support and compliance audits.
What do we offer?
You count on us to deliver:

• Inspection Support
• HR Support
• Policies and Procedures
• Crisis Management Turnaround
• Coaching and Mentoring
• Nursing Provision
• Registration Support
• Management Support

Meet The Team
Our Senior Management Team

With decades of experience working in the public and private healthcare sector, at CQC Compliance our team has an unparalleled understanding and knowledge of CQC regulations. We are passionate, dedicated and solely focused on improving the compliance and performance of our clients’ services.


Greg Bamber


Having worked in the health and social care sector for over 10 years, Greg has first-hand experience of the challenges faced by healthcare providers. He understands the increasing demand on care services in acclimatising to the evolving complexities of CQC regulations.

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Tanya photo

Tanya Moffett

Clinical Director

As a former CQC inspector, Tanya has an in-depth understanding of CQC frameworks, as well as wide-ranging experience in improving the performance of CQC-regulated providers. She has over 25 years’ experience in local health and social care services and is dual qualified as an RGN and RMN.

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Gillian Hudson

Business Manager

With over 29 years’ experience in the healthcare sector, Gillian has overseen outstanding care services at Director-level and understands the dedication it takes to excel as a care provider.

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Jayne Downey

Clinical Lead Manager

As our Clinical Lead Manager, Jayne works with our clients to deliver governance support and ensure long-term improvement in their compliance. Alongside her work with CQC Compliance, Jayne has worked as the Director of Governance and Corporate Nursing and is the nominated individual for the Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust – an ‘Outstanding’ hospital trust.

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Dr. Atif Ghaffar

GP Services Lead

Dr. Atif Ghaffar is our GP Services Lead, and supports our clients with his decades of experience in the healthcare sector. Dr. Ghaffar originally approached CQC Compliance as a client, before joining our team following the successful registration of his care provider, Hardwick Medical. Having been impressed by the dedication and professionalism of our team, Dr. Ghaffar now provides support and guidance to our clients – imparting his significant clinical expertise to each of the clients he works with.

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Imogen Huxford

Clinical Policy Manager

As our Clinical Policy Manager, Imogen specialises in producing bespoke policies and procedures that are tailored to the needs of our clients. Having worked for several years as a Senior Clinical Case Manager and Cardiology and Critical Care Team Lead at a highly-respected medical insurance company…

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Kathy Leatherbarrow

Education Lead

Having worked as an Ofsted Inspector for over 14 years, Kathy has an unparalleled understanding of the complexities surrounding regulation and governance. She primarily works as our Education Lead for Ofsted Compliance…

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Linda Kerwin

Registrations Manager

As our Registration Manager, Linda works with our clients across the scope of their registration process in order to achieve a successful CQC registration. She has been actively involved in CQC activities for many years, working extensively with the Care Quality Commission on the submission of multiple registrations and applications.

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Will Rosebury

Marketing Manager

Will is an integral member of our team who supports our clients with their marketing, communications and content. As Business Manager of our sister company TwentyOne12 Media, Will is passionate about delivering the highest-quality content, design and marketing to our clients.

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Susan Zoomed 3

Susan Newton

Marketing Assistant

As our Marketing Assistant, Susan is passionate about ensuring CQC Compliance Limited supports our clients with excellent communications and content. Susan manages our Client Portal, making sure that each client has up-to-date documentation and receives a tremendous amount of value from their experience with the platform.

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